Winterize Your Driveway – Keep Your Driveway Safe This Winter

Warmer weather isn’t due to hit the UK till March time, so we still have a few weeks of winter chill to navigate. When it comes to your driveway, you may want to implement some steps to prevent injuries. Whether it’s slips, trips, potential car accidents or none car-related accidents – we’ve popped together a comprehensive guide with everything you need. For more advice on how to get your car winter ready, we’ve written a post here with everything you need to know.

How to keep your driveway safe

If your home features a particularly steep driveway, there’s a potential risk of falling and running the risk of a potential injury. There is also a risk when it comes to driving on a potentially icy driveway. To combat this, we’ve broken this down into bullet points, with tips and tricks for car safety and personal safety when it comes to walking in the snow and ice.

Wear Appropriate Shoes

When walking outside, it’s easy to not think about your footwear choices too much. But choosing shoes with no traction on the sole could lead to slips and falls.
  • Ensure your shoes have a good sole that has traction, keeping you steady in the snow
  • Take your journey up the drive slower, as you may be on an incline and more likely to slip.
  • Tyre cleaning solution
  • Walk with care and take your time

Travel Light

  • When de-icing your drive, go out 5-10 minutes before
  • Ensure to clear away any snow first and then sprinkle some rock salt on your driveway
  • Splash some warm water to speed up the process
  • Once the ice is melted, shovel the remaining ice to prevent it from freezing over again
Driving in snowy and icy conditions

Drive With Caution

  • Keep your speed low. Accelerate and decelerate gently and make sure you have space between your vehicle and the one in front of you. This will give you enough time to brake if you need to
  • If you’re driving too fast, you may experience wheel spin and make your car lose traction
  • Splash some warm water to speed up the process
  • Check your tyres and make sure they have the correct tread depth, as tyres with low tread depth won’t provide the grip necessary


  • Keep your headlights in a dipped position when driving through heavy snow, as they aid you in poor visibility and prevent you from blinding other drivers
  • If visibility is reduced to 100m, use fog lights but make sure to switch them off once visibility improves

Controlling A Skid

  • If you do begin skidding, keep your hands on the steering wheel. Steer your car in the direction of the skid, which should correct it
  • Do not break the car as this may send the vehicle into a spin completely. If you’re in danger of crashing into something, brake gently.
Drive with caution and take as many steps as necessary for not only yourself but also other drivers around you. Plan ahead and take your time. For more information and car expertise, take a look at our blog here which has lots of advice and helpful tips on all kinds of driving-related topics.

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