Jaguar Automatic gearbox repair

    Jaguars are a luxury, high-quality vehicle, however, they can still develop problems over time, including with their automatic transmission. It’s important to resolve these issues quickly rather than continue driving the faulty vehicle. This could cause further issues and will only cost more to repair long-term. JLR Essex, however, can carry out a full mega flush automatic transmission service for your Jaguar, up to 60% cheaper than main dealer prices.

    If you think there is an issue with your Jaguar gearbox functionality due to a single incident, or whether the transmission feels less smooth than previously due to wear and tear, JLR Essex’s specialist team can inspect and resolve the issue for you, using industry-leading equipment. We carry out Jaguar servicing on all Jaguar models, including Jaguar XJ, F-PACE, F-TYPE, Jaguar XF, Jaguar X-Type, XKR & Jaguar S-Type.

    Automatic gearbox problems

    There are some common signs which signify issues with your transmission:

    Whether you’ve noticed any of these issues with your transmission or you just want to have the vehicle inspected to prevent any issues occurring, get in touch today.

    Why problems occur with automatic transmission

    When we change gears with an automatic transmission, heat is generated due to the continuous friction of the clutch plates. It is important to change the fluid in the transmission system, we recommend every 4 years or 40,000 miles, whichever comes first. This helps disperse heat better and lubricates the clutch plates, which keeps the gear transmission smooth and helps prevent any issues occurring. 

    If however, the transmission fluid isn’t replaced frequently enough, issues with the gearbox can arise. There are important additives in the fluid, which over time oxidise and break down. This reduces how well the fluid lubricates and protects the transmission. If these additives aren’t replaced, then rust, acid and sludge can build up in the fluid, possibly causing transmission failure.

    Our service

    Many garages leave in roughly 60% of the old fluid in the transmission system, torque converter and oil cooler. JLR Essex, however, replaces 100% of the transmission fluid.

    We use a BG PF5 system to mega flush your transmission. This state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment looks after your vehicles quality parts and exchanges all of your old oil for new fully synthetic oil in your transmission system, torque converter and oil cooler. This contains a soft shift formula conditioner and fresh detergents. These help keep the transmission clean and operating efficiently.

    Our full mega flush automatic transmission service can benefit your vehicle and transmission in a number of ways:

    For our premier jaguar service get in touch today. Mega Flush prices start from only £349.00 inc VAT.

    Save 10% on your service by quoting code 130561. 

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