Ultimate Car Buying Guide – Everything YOU Need To Know

Choosing the best car for you and your family can be a confusing decision. Whether it’s your first car after finally passing your driving test, or you’re going away this summer and need a car that you can all pile into as a family, or perhaps you have an older dog that is struggling to get in and out of your current vehicle. Whatever the reason, we’re here to help and advise on the best car for any eventuality. We’ve broken this down into three categories and added helpful recommendations, from first cars for families to dog owners out there!
New Drivers
There are lots of options for new drivers and so many different variables when it comes to purchasing your first car. Budget, size and style are just a few things to consider. You can go to a dealership, whether this is in person or online and find the perfect first car with everything you need and it may just be a fraction of the price.


Buying your first car may be your first large purchase, so budgeting accordingly is extremely important. Taking into account that it won’t just be the car you have to pay for, but also insurance, road tax, MOT and petrol are all factors to consider. If you buy a larger vehicle, these may all increase, so take the size into account. As a first-time driver, insurance will be a higher price than more experienced drivers, therefore keep this in mind as you browse.

New Or Used

Whilst buying a brand new car may seem appealing, it’ll have modern features and added extras; which could make it extremely costly both short and long term. The initial upfront cost may be much higher and maintaining your car can become expensive very quickly. If your car needs to be repaired, it might cost you more since the parts your car will require will be newer and might need a specialist mechanic. A used vehicle will be cheaper as it has had a previous owner, but this will also allow you to get a genuine and unbiased opinion on how the car works; so this may be a valuable option to go down.

Make And Model

Researching the make and model of your prospective car is imperative in ensuring your car will be worth the money. It’s always worth asking friends and family for recommendations, they will of had previous experience and will be able to advise you on the most reliable and trustworthy cars out there.
Cars for families
Choosing the perfect car for your family is an important task and one that requires a lot of thought and attention, since you may be carrying smaller passengers also. Whether you are a family of two, or you plan on expanding your family; having enough space to accommodate is important.


Think about the number of seats and the extra space you may require. Whether this is foldable seats or a larger boot, it’s worth writing a list of the essential features that you need, and also things you don’t mind compromising on. If your family is set to grow in years to come, looking into a bigger car that is more spacious and is going to last you could be the way forward.

Type Of Vehicle

If you do have children and plan on expanding your family, this is a really important factor to consider when it comes to purchasing a car. There are a whole range of cars that are suitable for families with children, with seats that fold down or have additional seating for little ones. This is something to bring up at a dealership or to narrow down when searching online, as there are many options out there to suit your specific needs.


The safety aspect of driving is number one for every driver, and buying a car that may carry family and children is no different. Your first family car should have excellent safety features to ensure that your family are going to be as safe as possible on each and every commute. Whether it’s the school run or a staycation, having peace of mind is important. Ensure all the seatbelts and airbags are fully functional and the vehicle has passed its full MOT and service before buying.
Cars for dog owners
The furry members of our household are important and make a family, and therefore you want to be able to accommodate them. This will be extremely specific to your family, for example how many dogs you have, what breed/s they are, their age and their weight are all important factors to consider when comparing car types. As your dog ages and grows, your car will need to be able to adapt.

Large Boot Space

If you don’t want your dog sitting on the seats that your friends and family will be using, it may be worth considering a vehicle with larger boot space. This provides a suitable distance between you and your pet, and also allows them room to lay down and sit independently without dirtying your seats. It’s also important to remember that adequate boot space will stop your dog from poking their head out the window. Dogs are curious creatures and if something catches their eye, you don’t want them leaping out of your car as you’re on the move.


Driving with pets should be stress-free, and for this to be possible safety is paramount. Some cars come with a removable dog guard to prevent your dog from jumping over into the front seats, which can be extremely dangerous when you are trying to drive. If this isn’t the case, it’s worth looking into whether a guard can be installed, for your safety and the safety of your pet.

Consider Air Conditioning

This comes as standard in the large majority of modern vehicles, but older cars may not have air conditioning. However, it is something that should be considered as you want to keep your dog cool, particularly in the summer months. Whilst it is common knowledge that you cannot leave dogs in hot cars, it also isn’t always safe to just leave your car window wide open, so the air conditioning will play a vital role in keeping your dog cool and comfortable.

Buying a car is a big decision and whether it’s your family you have in mind, a four-legged companion or simply your first car for yourself; there are many things to consider. We hope with this blog post of handy tips and considerations is helpful when it comes to buying a car, whenever the time comes. For more advice and posts on a whole host of topics, we have our blog here bursting with helpful tips and car care knowledge.

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