Why carry out a Mega Flush Automatic transmission service?
Because prevention is cheaper than cure
The biggest enemy of an automatic transmission is the heat generated by the constant friction of clutch plates. Transmission fluid that is changed at recommended intervals helps disperse heat better, lubricates clutch plates, and contains fresh detergents to keep the transmission clean and operating properly.
If the fluid is not changed at recommended intervals, over time, important additives oxidize and break down, reducing the ability of the fluid to lubricate and protect. This may cause acid, rust and sludge in the fluid, which is the leading cause of transmission failure.
Conventional transmission service leaves about 60% of the old fluid still in the system in the torque converter and oil cooler this can cause malfunction of the transmission or complete failure.
Our premier automatic transmission service
Mega Flush, Exchange and Condition

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Some of the benefits of a Mega Flush Automatic transmision service
• Extends transmission life by providing resistance to oxidation, sludge formation and varnish
• Reduces risk of premature transmission failure
• Promotes smooth shifting
• Fresh fluid reduces wear and scouring of clutch plates
Some manufactures advise that their transmissions are sealed for life, however we all know that in the real world even the best specification oils degrade, and what exactly does Lifetime mean? we believe that the lifetime of your transmission can be extended with a service every 40,000 miles or every 4 years and in our experience not changing the oil has caused problems including slow or jerky gearshifts and in some cases premature transmission failure.
Regular servicing will restore the efficiency of your transmission and you will have that” like new feel” again along with many miles of trouble free operation.
We recommend you should have your transmission serviced every 40,000 miles our four years
The Land Rover and Ranger Rover are well known for automatic gearbox problems starting from around 80,000 miles, some of the common faults are shuddering at approx. 2000rpm, slow gear engagement and gear changes when cold, torque converter lock up, to name just a few, and the cost that some customers are being quoted runs into thousands of pounds, so people are selling their vehicles as they are being put off by the cost of repairs.
Over the past few years we at JLR Essex have had great success with curing many of these faults at a fraction of the costs by carrying out a gearbox mega flush service.
So what is involved with this mega flush service, we connect our machine into the transmission system and start the flushing process by adding a flushing agent into the transmission system and run for 20 minutes while this is happening we will select all the gears and make sure the transmission gets to normal running temperature, then we start the fluid exchange process (this is a bit like carrying out a blood transfusion on you transmission system) unlike many other garages which just drain the gearbox and leaves approx. 60% of the old oil in the system.
We exchange 100% of oil in the whole transmission system Gearbox, torque converter, oil cooler and hoses. We then add a conditioner to the new transmission fluid, clear any fault codes that might be in the system, job done, giving your Land Rover/Range Rover many more miles of smooth gear changes.