Iconic Car Logos Across The Decades – Ford and Mercedes Benz

A company’s logo sets the precedent for how it will be perceived, and it can be a big talking point. From the most detailed logos to the simplistic ones – they all get us talking. Logos have the ability to be ingrained in our minds for a lifetime, and there are certain brands that are instantly recognizable every time we see them. Whilst they may seem simple, this visual can capture the mission and message of a company and discreetly convey it globally without us even realizing it.

Ford Logo History

A Brief History

As the name suggests, Ford was founded by Henry Ford in 1903. He revolutionized car assembly lines, which are still being used in the present day. Ford has been incredibly successful in its design and production of vehicles and automobiles, currently standing as the largest American automobile company; with a workforce of over 200,000 dedicated employees who are trusted with the delicate job of creating cars that have been driven for centuries. Family runs deeply through Ford, and they are the second-largest family-owned enterprise. William Clay Ford Jr, Henry Ford’s great-grandson currently holds the position of executive chairman of the Ford enterprise.

The first Ford car ever made and sold was called ‘model A’ and could reach a maximum speed of 30mph. But Ford has come a long way, and in 2021 they reportedly sold 3.9 million vehicles to dealers and distributors globally.

From 1903 to the present day, the Ford logo has changed a number of times and is now one of the most easily recognizable car logos. Although there were two subsequent redesigns of the logo before this one, the italicized font and bold style of ‘Ford’ set the precedent for logos to come as the company grew and developed. The black font was the branding for the company from 1909 to 1911.

In 1912, the logo developed and took a new modern twist. Blue was added and so the new, modernized version was born. The slogan ‘The universal car’ was dropped in 1917 and the progression continued. Since 1965, the brand has established its logo with a recognizable style and look. Being a household name already, it quickly became extremely distinct and identifying a Ford automobile was simple. White italicized font and the blue, slimline badge. 2003 saw the introduction of a more 3D appearance to the badge, but as of late the 2D, the minimalistic style has taken precedence.

Mercedes – Benz Logo History

A Short History

We all recognize the sleek, three-pointed logo of Mercedes Benz. Founded by Karl Benz, Gottlieb Daimler & Wilhelm Maybach in 1926, the luxury car company of German origin has one of the most easily recognizable logos on the market. Mercedes Benz’s mechanical roots date back to 1879 when Carl Benz was able to utilize a gas-driven engine. Fast forward to 1886, the ‘Benz’ patent motor car is patented, and this was the beginning of Mercedes Benz becoming an established company. The Benz car featured three wheels and used Carl Benz’s infamous gas engine – it was the first of its kind. The Benz patent motor car went on its first public drive on 3rd July 1886 and history was created. This car is widely recognized as the very first motor car. With the Benz car in production, it was time to progress. The next car that was produced and was able to be produced on a mass scale was the Benz Motor Velocipede. It was produced between 1894 and 1901, with approximately 1,200 models sold.

How the logo changed

1902 saw Mercedes Benz showcase their first logo. The sleek but angular font was professional and exuded luxury. Whilst at this time they may not have been seen as a specifically luxury car brand, some 20 years later they would begin producing premium vehicles which are now highly sought after and regarded as classics. As we move into 1916, we see the introduction of the timeless three-pointed star. Over 100 years later, this shape remains and there’s no mistaking it. When you see this logo, you think of the classic Mercedes Benz. The color element of the logo was short-lived, and after 10 years a sleeker version was designed and rolled out. At the height of the roaring 20s, the company took a more modern approach. With heavy silver accents, the brand took a more modern feel and the logo only developed and progressed from here.

Since 1933, Mercedes Benz has followed a formula with the logo, is minimalistic and sharp. The all-black edition, which debuted in 1933, set the standard for the company and they’ve followed these stylistic guidelines ever since. In 2009, the name branding was decreased greatly in size and a metallic finish was added, creating a professional look and opulent feel.

Regardless of the car we drive, every company in the world has branding and characteristics that are specific to them. Whether you hardly remember your first car, or you’ve got an image of it firmly ingrained in your mind; the company logo is timeless. For information on car care, car maintenance or expert advice on all kinds of car-related topics – please see our website . We have a whole section on our site featuring blog posts that go into detail with industry experts, which can be found here.


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